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In the last 27 years Moscow has gone through a real food revolution and if during the 70s and 80s there was a very little percentage of private restaurants and cafès, today you would be surprised to see how much the city can offer in terms of dining experiences. In the last years Moscow has seen flourishing an increasing number of cuisine talents, transforming the city in a very attractive gastronomic destination for both Russian and international tourism.

Best Christmas Food
If you love Christmas food why miss the chance to double up your satisfaction and get yourself another Christmas dinner ? Being Moscow is located in an Orthodox country, Christmas is celebrated on the 6th of January and in this period you can enjoy the most delicious specialities. In every christmas menu you will have Kholodets , a dish made of pork legs and ears and beef tail slowly cooked in its broth for around 4 hours. When the broth is ready the cooked meat is deprived of its bones and finely chopped to be placed again in the broth for 24hrs. The result is a jelly meat dish to be consumed cold as suggested by its name (kholod in Russian means “cold”).

Best Traditional food
New year’s eve is a big deal in Russia. The two most commonly traditional foods which are eaten during these big celebrations are: the “ Herring under fur coat ” and the Olivier salad .
The ‘Herring under fur coat’ has the peculiarity of surprising you. Although the appearance vaguely resembles a cake with a nice pink topping, the dish is actually a salad. But don’t worry the name is misleading since no fur is involved in the preparation.The main ingredients for the filling: are chopped grated boiled vegetables (red beet are responsible of the upper colour of the dish), salted herring fillet and mayonnaise.
Olivier salad: outside the country this dish is better known as “Russian Salad”, probably because of the main ingredients, that are very much part of the culinary culture in Russia. This traditional dish was actually created by a French chef named Lucien Olivier, owner of a renowned French restaurant in Moscow. The main ingredients in the Olivier salads are: boiled potatoes, chicken or beef meat, green peas, pickles and of course mayonnaise.

Best Unusual Food
Many of the traditional Russian foods may sounds quite unusual to foreigner and ‘ Salo ‘ belongs to this category.
Salo is probably not the best choice if you are on a low-fat diet, since one serving of Salo can have up to 700 calories, but it is definitely a must-try for bacon-lovers! A first glance it may resemble cheese but it is actually pure raw pig fat garnished with salt. Salo is often considered as the best fit for vodka, since its high percentage of fats can help to dilute the effects of alcohol.

Best Street Food
Although it doesn’t exactly belong to the food category, the honey-based hot drink Sbiten is a must if you happen to visit Moscow in winter and you will find it at any street corner in the city. Moreover, this will be extremely useful to help you coping with Russian winter weather. Sbiten is a traditional drink made of honey, spices, jam and either water or, in its alcoholic version with wine.

Funny fact
If your Salo goes off you can still use it as efficacious water repellent for leather shoes!


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