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Kremlin (Krom), an ancient Russian fortress, is situated at the confluence of Rivers Pskova and Velikaya, at the right bank of River Velikaya. It consists of two parts. The first one is the inner fortress (Kremlin proper) with Troitsky Sobor (Trinity Cathedral). Next to the cathedral, there is former veche square, where veche was held in ancient times. The second part is the external Dovmont fortress. Unlike the majority of other Russian fortresses, Pskov was involved in military action until 18th century. This is why the city conserves a lot of fortifications, many of them dating back from 15th century.

The inner fortress is the most ancient part of the city. Walls with towers along the high bank of River Velikaya (from the gun-slots here there is an excellent view of Zavelich’e), along the bank of River Pskova, and also the inner wall, were all built in the beginning of 15th century and later restored. In the Northern “corner” of the wall covered galleries descend from Bashnya Kutekroma (Kutekroma Tower, 1400) to Ploskaya Bashnya (Flat Tower, 16th century). In the center of Kremlin one finds Troitsky Sobor (Trinity Cathedral, 1682—1699, rebuilt later, regular services) and the bell-tower from 18th century.

From the South, the inner fortress is adjacent to an outstanding archaeological monument — Dovmont fortress, which used to maintain an immense density of churches, public offices, and possibly even cemeteries. Currently only the foundations of the churches are visible. The only historical building is Prikaznye Palaty (Departmental Chamber, 1695) with a high restored porch. Inside the building there are exhibition rooms of the Museum-Reserve: On the ground floor — “Pskov during the Northern War”, on the first floor the interior of Prikaznye Palaty is restored. One more tower, Vlas’evskaya Bashnya (St. Blaise Tower, 14th century), is situated in the part of the fortress wall facing River Velikaya.

Access to Kremlin is free of charge, from 6:00 to 22:00 (the cathedral is open till 18:00); daily services in Trinity Cathedral (morning and evening services).

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